Parents expecting babies are usually the most excited and anxious people. The joy of having a baby is uncontrollable especially if it’s the first child that is being expected. This period also brings anxiousness and curiosity on how the baby will look like, how it is fairing on in the womb and raising questions like what is the baby’s gender?

Thanks to technology and the steps that have been made in the medicine field, parents can be able to view their children from their early stages in the womb and even get to know important facts like the gender of the child.

Such information can be quite important especially when it comes to planning for the baby. You would probably need to buy clothes and other baby stuff prior to its birth and therefore the info would be relevant in such a case.

3d ultrasound

Hearing and seeing their child’s behaviour and sounds including the heartbeat at an early stage when it is still in the womb can be a very fulfilling and breath taking moment for the parents. Thanks to ultrasound technology, parents’ anticipation and nervousness has been reduced since they are aware and they can be able to see their young ones grow as they approach delivery into the world. 3D ultrasound in specific, helps parents to monitor their baby’s growth and cycle in the womb.

The previous technology that was used in place of the 3D ultrasound was the 2D ultrasound. It is still in use and it mainly reveals the age, sex and health of the foetus. It has been used to diagnose a variety of abnormalities that would reveal themselves at an early stage.

You would wonder and even ask yourself how the ultrasound technology works, right? Well ultrasound works by listening to the sound waves that are directed down and passed back up again. When it comes to 3D ultrasound, the waves are directed down at various angles thus enabling the equipment that is receiving the waves to see the corresponding image in 3-Dimension. 3D ultrasound shows still pictures of the baby in three dimensions as opposed to the 2D which just shows flat images of the baby. This new and brilliant technology has brought in a myriad of benefits to the parents as they can monitor their young one grow and start bonding with it at as such an early stage.

With the 3D technology, you get to see your baby’s skin rather than just the inside. It depicts the true actions of the baby including yawning and sticking the tongue out. You can even get to see its eyes, ears and nose thus getting a glimpse of how the baby looks from such an early stage. Some would however inquire about the safety of the 3D ultrasound as compared to the 2D one. Well the difference with the two is in the mode of transmission as the waves are similar. Therefore there are no proven cases of any dire effects that the 3D ultrasound may lead to. The only precaution that you should take it to avoid too many ultrasound checks as this would mean exposing the baby to radiation waves constantly which is not entirely healthy at such a period that it is.

As seen above, you can also use the 3D technology to monitor any abnormalities in the baby and work on solving them when it is still early. Doctors can also be able to monitor the heart rate and beat thus knowing if it is in the right state. Generally, the 3D ultrasound is an innovative and convenient technology to use for the purpose of monitoring the baby.