iMessage is one of the most popular and loved messaging application present in the market right now. With its popularity tied on the provision it has for its users to send out messages without necessarily having to involve a third party app like WhatsApp for example. This makes it even cheaper than SMS costs since it only requires data for the messages to be sent out and you can always Download iMessage For PC online for free.

In most iOS devices, the app comes pre-installed thus no need to download it. Most people actually have the app not knowing the benefits it brings. Since most individuals are on iMessage and you would need to communicate to a good number of them, you would need a device that would have the application. Most people opt for the i-phones and the mac computers which come pre-installed with the iMessage app.

Question is what about the rest who can’t get access to those devices?

Download iMessage For PC

The solution for those who may not afford or rather not have access to the above devices is the iMessage for PC. Many people are not aware that they can download and install iMessage on their PC’s. This can be achieved easily using the following straight forward and easy to follow methods:

Method 1: Download iMessage for PC using blue stacks

iMessage, being a product of the apple incorporation, is believed to work in only the apple devices. In fact not many people know that you could actually download and use it on the PC. In a simple straight forward procedure, this can easily be achieved.

You can make use of the following steps in order to get the application on your windows device or PC:

  1. You will first have to download the blue stacks android emulator over the web.
  2. Install blue stacks in the same manner that you install other applications.
  3. Search for the iMessage app on the search bar.
  4. Download the app and set it up. After this you are done and ready to use it.

Method 2: Using the chrome remote desktop

The chrome desktop extension is yet another loophole for accessing the iMessage app on the PC. It is important to note that chrome remote desktop extension only allows you to access the screen of another computer remotely. This therefore means that this method may not be convenient for all but could work effectively for those who would want such kind of access on their iMessage. This works for example by combining a windows PC and a Mac. This way you get to access the iMessage on the Mac remotely. You will need to ensure that your Mac computer which you intend to use is turned on during the remote access and that permission for the same is granted from it. You can take note of the following steps that will help you in accessing iMessage on your PC using the chrome remote desktop:

Download iMessage For PC

  1. The very first step that you will have to take is to download the chrome browser from the official site on both the Mac and PC that you intend to use.
  2. Install the chrome remote desktop extension on both devices.
  3. Launch the app after the installation process is complete.
  4. On the Mac computer, an additional application by the name chrome remote desktop host installer would need to be installed.
  5. You can then launch the chrome remote desktop on your Mac. You will see a 12 digit code on the screen which you will enter on the chrome that is on the PC so that you can gain access to the Mac computer remotely.
  6. After all this you can now proceed to the app drawer on your windows PC and access iMessage.