You might be asking yourself what an emulator is. An IOS emulator for PC is a software or program that allows a computer to host or run IOS applications. In this way, the user would enjoy using the PC the same way an iPhone or Mac user would enjoy. This is a method that most individuals who may not be able to afford apple devices are using in order for them to feel the benefits of an IOS device too. The main aim for emulators however, is to test applications and other programs and are used by developers in most cases.

An IOS emulator will enable a windows PC to run any iPhone or iPad apps smoothly and efficiently. Emulators help developers to test run applications during their initial phase of development and debug them. There are a wide range of benefits that emulators have aside from aiding app developers. You can look at some of these benefits below:

IOS Emulator For PC

  • They run in multiple devices that contain the same operating system.
  • Help developers find issues on their apps at an early stage of development.
  • Helps to test build IOS apps during the development phase thus avoiding crushes and failures.

An emulator works as a replacement for the original device in the sense that without the original device being present, one can still perform and access fundamental functions. There are several emulators that are present in the market right now. Choosing the right one may be difficult especially when you are not tech savvy enough. Worry not though as we have a couple of suggestions and examples that you can look at and see how they work. Some of these emulators that are most common in the market right now are as follows:

Air iPhone emulator

Air iPhone replicates the IOS graphical user interface thus implying that the same way you would view an IOS device is the same way you would have the feel on a windows PC. As much as it emulates the real IOS devices, you will notice that there are a few differences from the real operating system. This is because it is not an original as the IOS devices are and thus may not work fully as expected. The differences though are minimal and most individuals who are not keen may not be able to notice them quite easily.

Smart face

This is yet another IOS emulator that would work considerably well in displaying iPhone features on your PC. In addition to providing the features of an IOS device, smart face also offers debugging options for the IOS apps making it convenient for app developers to come up with apps and rectify errors that occur. It is therefore a good application for testing apps to see how they work before releasing to the market. That way you will be able to evade challenges of app breakdown and failure in the future.

MobiOne studio

IOS Emulator For PC

Like the above, MobiOne is an application that aids software developers to test and debug their apps before releasing to the market. This particular emulator works for both android and IOS operating systems but in this case we will focus on the latter.

The MobiOne emulator is specifically best suited for app developers due to the many benefits it has. A developer can achieve a lot using this emulator. From building status notifications, app configuration and branding to viewing the status of the application on the app centre progress viewer, you can do a lot with MobiOne. It is also effective for those who would want to get a feel of the IOS functioning on their windows PC.