The V beam laser is a pulsed dye laser meaning that the laser energy is delivered in pulses and that the dye is used to bring about laser beams of different colours. It is usually well-known as a vascular laser simply because it is used for treating dilated blood vessels. It usually achieves this by targeting the haemoglobin which is the red protein that is found in blood vessels.

It is easy to find out if your blood vessels have been dilated. In essence you will have too much redness in parts of your body such as the chin, nose, cheeks and some parts of the face as well. This where you will need to be treated using the V beam laser. It is important to note that pregnant women should not be exposed to this laser together with patients that have taken in Accutane within the past six months. Such should be immune from the laser as it can cause defects and dire side effects in their bodies. As for the pregnant women, it can affect the well-being of the child and cause fatalities that would rather have been prevented.

The good thing about the V beam laser is that it does not inflict much pain to require anaesthesia. The only feeling you will have is a snappy kind of feeling as the short pulses feel like cold and hot snaps on the skin. However, a constant stream of cold air directed at the treated area helps to reduce the discomfort that is created.

As you have seen above, v beam uses laser as a mode of treatment. Some would inquire the safety of this technology as it uses rays that get into the body. It is important to note whether there are effects or not. In this case we can evaluate the technology and see whether it is safe enough for you. First of all, the v beam laser is actually one of the safest lasers that is in existence right now. The infection rate, scarring and blistering are all very rare with this technology.

Bruising is the only most common effect of this laser and this is due to the clumping of many vessels and thus it is to be expected. Apart from this, the only effect would be on the eyes but this is controlled. Since the light from the laser is quite overwhelming for the normal human eye, it is important that one puts on protective eye gear before getting in for treatment. This helps to shield the eye against the rays.

The other sparking question that most people would want to know is whether or not the v beam laser can be combined with medical drugs or injection treatment without posing any threat to the body. Truth is that the laser works effectively with medication. In fact, using medication and to be more specific some injections would help to accelerate the treatment and lead to a fast recovery. Therefore it is proven safe to combine it with medication.

The area that has been treated by the laser beams would appear red or bruised for a couple of hours and in certain rare cases a couple of days. This will regain normalcy after the period of recovery. However if the bruising or redness persists, you can seek medical advice once again. In terms of the number of treatments, the patient would require an average of 5 times of v beam laser treatment in order for it to work effectively. It is quite expensive but with the help of medical insurance, it is an effective treatment method.