Fitness trackers or activity trackers monitor a wide range of fundamental body functions including the heart beat and rate. They are useful in performing various activities including general body exercises. The trackers are usually tougher than the average smart watches as they are meant to endure rough and shaky activities. They are also meant to endure physiological body conditions such as sweating during exercise. Therefore the best type of fitness trackers are the ones that can withstand moisture, dampness and splashes. Most of the activity trackers are however not waterproof thus you need to be keen when you are looking for one that is.

Waterproof Activity Tracker

Most of the activity trackers that have been labelled as splash or water resistant are actually not fully resistant. Most of them are just effective for normal splashes of water or rather spills but cannot be used for activities such as swimming. They are resistant to minimal water spillage and not total water contact. Therefore if you need a fitness tracker that you are going to use for the purposes of swimming for example, you would probably need one that is fully waterproof. This way you will not have to replace it just after usage due to it getting spoilt.

If you are going for a waterproof activity tracker, you need to carefully sieve the right ones from the wrong ones. First of all you should be able to look at the depth to which the tracker can be able to reach to without having a technical hitch and also the type of seal that has been used in making the tracker. This will help you to judge whether or not it is going to be effective for you. In this case, a good fitness tracker should be able to dry off and continue working after full submersion.

As noted earlier, fitness trackers measure activity. This activity includes the heart rate which is important for your health. Identifying your heart rate will go a long way in ensuring that you live a healthy life. If the rate is either too high or low, then it would mean that you would need to seek medical assistance. If it’s normal then you would need to continue exercising and monitoring so that it doesn’t go either side.

Again the fitness trackers are useful in checking the location that you are in using the Global Positioning System (GPS)

Among the added advantages of the activity trackers is the ability to send you notifications. In this case if say you are swimming and cannot go to the water with your phone for obvious reasons, you will constantly receive notifications of calls and SMS thus helping you to keep in touch with the people that matter even when you are in the water.

If you are an individual who loves swimming more than anything else, then you should probably invest in a quality waterproof activity tracker. Again the activity trackers that are specifically meant for swimming have more features than the rest. These features are relevant to the swimming niche and are convenient to use for those who love to hit the water. Such basic features include tracking the stroke counts, length and distance too. This will help you to track your swimming statistics and ensure that you add effort where needed. In addition, a good swimming activity tracker should have fundamental features such as the stroke count, stroke rate sensor and calories consumption counter, distance and length measurement. A tracker that has the above is fit for use under water for swimming. You can therefore put that into consideration and make the right choice. We would recommend that you buy the Garmin Vivo Active HR GPS Waterproof smart watch as it has the stated features fit for swimming.